The Camsaver is a camera cage made for the Sony AS300 and FDR-X3000 that protects your camera and provides support for the cables plugged into it and saves the HDMI and USB ports from damage.

Benefits of using a Camsaver

The Camsaver protects your Sony AS300 or FDR-X3000 camera ports which in turn helps with longer camera and cable life. You can also save yourself from cables falling out or getting ripped out with a Camsaver camera cage. Overall, the Camsaver is a secure, strong camera cage for your Sony camera, which also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Camsaver Installation

After having all the required parts, you can start installing your Camsaver

Remove the rear port cover from the camera. Carefully use scissors or a small hobby knife.
Clean the front of the camera in preparation for installing the wind filter
Line up the adhesive, make sure not to cover the microphone holes (highlighted in yellow, in the last picture)
Install the wind filter onto the adhesive
Attach the base to the bottom of the camera
Attach the rear of the camera saver to the base
Attach front of the camera saver to the base, line up the wind filter under it nicely
(Optional) You can tuck the protruding wind filter fabric under the camera saver as shown below
Secure the front part to the camera saver
Loosen the grub screws in the back of the camera saver in preparation to install the cables. Tighten the thick side grub screws until they touch the cables. This is the “support” side of the camera saver DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN, YOU CAN BEND YOUR PORTS OR DAMAGE YOUR CABLES
Adjust the thin side grub screws until they’re snug against the cables. Give them between another 1/8 to 1/4 turn to snug them down. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN YOU YOU CAN DAMAGE YOUR CABLES It’s highly suggested to keep the Allen keys inside your IRL backpack in case you need to change cables or adjust something while you’re on the go.